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LaTrax Alias High Performance Quad-Rotor Heli Review

by Butch

The LaTrax Alias is a high-performance quad-rotor heli that has taken The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop by storm.  In short order it has become one of the most popular flying machines we offer.

Available in 4 vibrant colors

Out of the box it is very easy to setup and actually quite stable, requiring very little time spent in trimming the flight characteristics.  It comes in four vibrant colors (red, orange, blue, and green), each with its own set of matching bright LED navigation lights.  You can even purchase new lenses and bodies if you want to change out your quad to another color!

3.7v 650mAh LiPo
3.7v 650mAh LiPo

The Alias offers better than average flight times (8-10 min.) using a 3.7v  650 mAh LiPo battery and boasts automatic flips initiated right from the radio.  Flips can be done in any axis and in any direction.  Multi flips are even possible but must be programmed into the radio to initiate.

The Alias is one of the most durable multi rotor helis we have seen.  In the event of flight damage, it is also quite easy to work on.  If you need to repair a motor or blade , be careful to take your time and identify the correct part as both motors and blades are directional – meaning they are meant to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise.  If you are flying in the winter months, take extra care as the plastic becomes more brittle in the colder temperatures and is more susceptible to damage.

Alias radio
Alias radio

The radio provides visual indicators of trim level and flight mode as well as audible alerts to a low-battery condition.  The Alias also has a bright LED battery indicator that will blink to warn to warn of a low battery condition as well.

The LaTrax Alias has proven to be a well-mannered, versatile multi-rotor heli that has quickly become a shop favorite with both staff and customers,  It is right at home with both beginners and expert flyers. We highly recommend it and give it a 5 star rating.