Grab The Cleaner And A Paint Brush

Sometimes dirty is the best medicine. For this corsair I wanted to depict a well worn fighter plane of the pacific theater, Here you can see the main landing gear doors red primer underneath white paint, that has been sand blasted and worn off from countless landings on the coral island airstrips of world war two.

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Cheers Murph…

“Help Me My Tail Section Has Fallen”

Small update tonight. Looking at the cowling ring I decide it needed a bit more dirt, so one more round of enamel wash was added, I like the effect it has. The picture quality is a bit off on this, the actual color is more to the aircraft inside panel than what seems to appear. it looks better in person. “Yea you have to take my word on this one”.
I also built up the horizontal stabs and elevators, the fit is so close that I won’t have to sand those seems, one word NICE. 

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Detail OverLoad

Oh how can this be? So much detail so little time. When I picked this kit up from the hobby shop I told myself that this kits detail was amazing. “No way I’ll have to add to it” YEA SURE, I have a small addiction to adding the extra to models, No you say! Say it isn’t so, you say! Uhhh yea it’s true I’m currently seeking help from TMDA or Total Model Detailers Anonymous.
I just can’t help myself the plastic is there, the model is there, I have all these cool books with all the detail and the pictures, and before you know it there I go adding the extra detail that drags my builds down to a crawl.  Yep I need “HELP”.
But on the other hand, we just won’t tell anyone I’m adding it, Yea they’ll never know it didn’t come that way. So i’ll keep adding to it, here is all that extra stuff you like.

I added The Panel Receptacles, I’m going to have the cowling panels off this bird to show off the engine.

I Like the fit on the cowling ring
Inside of the cowling ring with factory primer color

Stay tuned for more from Models by Murph and the Tamiya Corsair Build. 

Cheers Murph…

“Nice Jugs” Who Has A Wrench?

Never let it be said that Tamiya doesn’t include enough parts in this Corsair kit. “And I only have Ten toes to count on”
Work continues tonight with the completion of the engine, with no less than thirty plus parts for the assembly of the old Pratt & Whitney.

Pratt & Whitney
The model can be displayed with the cowlings removed so this old engine won’t go to waste. I just couldn’t help myself here thou. I had to add just a bit of extra detail , by the addition of wiring up front. I would have liked to see Tamiya include a photo etch wiring harness in the kit, and so far it is the only part of the model left lacking.

Copper wiring added

The Corsair was powered by a Pratt & Whitney R2800-8W engine capable of producing 2000 hp giving the F4U-1 a top speed in excess of 415 mph. This 18-cylinder, two row Wasp engine was “state-of-the-art” for the Second World War.

If you like detail this is the kit for you, And if you don’t “then why are you building a model?” Call an ambulance there is a nut case in here. 
after tonight I need medication “or a beer” Yep a beer that will do. Hope you are still enjoying this as much as I am and if you do, like this article on Facebook, Plus one it on Google and leave me a comment right here on the site, I’d love to hear from you all……….crickets…….Hmmmm 
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Call Maintenance We Need A Hanger

Work continues on the Corsair tonight, with the fuselage halves together. The fit is just one in a million with this kit, no endless seem sanding. Yes it is just that perfect. Three blind monkeys and a Crew Chief could put this together. “And I should know I’m the lead Crew Chief on this .” Now where did I put that hammer?

Work on the engine is the next step in the build, many little parts for me to drop but well worth the time as it looks to be nicely detailed. and I have a few new weather techniques to try out in the coming steps. So check back with the blog and I’ll have an update soon.

Cheers Murph…

F4U Birdcage Corsair

Tonight’s update brought to you by the Smoke Stack Hobby Shop “Thank the heavens that gratuitous plug is out of the way.”
The build continues on the old bird today with the Tail wheel section completed, I’ll be connecting the fuselage half’s together and all this wonderful detail will be hard to see. “What you say why paint it all up and detail it the way you do?” UHHHHH not sure it is just what we fool hardy modelers do with our time.
The Paint on early production corsairs in 1942-43 for the wheel wells were a mix of pink anti-corrosive and Zinc Chromate Yellow primer, it produced a salmon color on early Corsair’s. On later versions these inner wheel wells were painted zinc chromate green or painted camo white-gray. I like the added color affect with the Salmon Wheel wells of the early variant.

I can’t say enough about the fit and finished detail of this Tamiya kit it is unarguably the best Corsair kit on the market.

Cheers Murph…

Tamiya Corsair Cockpit

There are a few things in life that really make you feel great, a nice dinner, a good movie and a great model. Tamiya has created an amazing kit with this model. The cockpit is completed so on with the rest of this build, I’ll be posting more updates as I go along so stay tuned. Remember your local hobby shop I’ll have to thank Don & Patti at the for ordering this one from Tamiya.

Cheers Murph

Stack Talk – Vol.1 Issue 2


What could be more exciting than a hobby shop sidewalk sale?  We had a great time with our sidewalk sale (despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to drench us).  Lots of folks stopped by and enjoyed the wide variety of items that were offered at 50% off.  And Master modeler/chef Murph was serving up a delicious lunch of hot dogs, chips, drinks, and ice cream. So what could be more exciting than a hobby shop sidewalk sale?  How about The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop’s very first You Tube commercial?

Yes, we are now stars in our very own commercial that highlights many of the services we have to offer.  And if you have ever visited us in person, you should be aware by now that we certainly do not take ourselves too seriously.  Check out the commercial at  Hopefully it puts a smile on your face and entices you to visit us in person and get an autograph from one of our “Super  Professionals” .

Patti and I were able to get away for a Sunday drive down to Rio Grande, OH, famous as the home of Bob Evans.  The flying clubs of the R/C Aces out of Jackson, OH and the R/C Mountaineers out of Charleston, WV hosted a non-competitive fly-in and scale flying event. Our own Butch and his wife Brenda were there as members of the Flying Forks Club of Lancaster, OH.  Butch was not able to get his large plane ready to fly in time for the event (see our commercial and you’ll know why),  but we all had a great time watching some beautiful,  large-scale planes put through their paces.

 Current Events

  • Come visit us this month as we continue to mark selected items way down to make room for the Fall arrivals.


AR DroneLast month we presented the 1SQV-Cam quad-copter.  This little bird has a camera built in that lets you take video and still photos right from the throttle.  This month, we have the Parrot AR Drone 2.0.  This is the next step in drone technology.  You can fly this baby right from your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.  It’s so easy that even Murph, who has never flown a ‘copter before, could take off and hover with no training.  Simply touch a button on your screen to launch the drone and it will take off and hover about 3 feet off the ground and wait for you.  It has real-time video feed back to your device so you can fly around your house simply be watching your screen. It has built in WiFi that attaches to your phone or tablet.  If you lose WiFi connectivity it will stop and wait for you.  It even has a button to land it. Two cameras provide GPS features along with HD video.  Real-time feedback on your screen tells you battery level, speed, and altitude.

In plastics we have the awesome new B-25J Mitchell and B17G Flying fortress from HK Models, both in 1/32 scale.  These are both large and impressive airplanes. We also have the Vought F4U-1 Corsair in the “Birdcage” version from Tamiya. And finally we have the T-80U Russian Battle tank from Xact.

HK B17-G



With train season fast approaching we are busy getting stocked up in all of our scales.  The latest arrivals are a large selection of scenery accessories from Grand Central Gems, including their large scale ghost town and cabin with Smokey Bear! We also have a beautiful G Scale 4-4-0 American type engine, the Jupiter, from Hartland. And finally the Passenger Station from MTH has arrived.

Hartland Jupiter
Grand Central Gems Saloon
Grand Central Gems Smokey
MTH Passenger Station