Where is that wash cart? ” This is a dirty bird”

Build of the Tamiya Corsair continues with the completion of the model kit this has been an amazing kit to build. I recommend it to anyone that wants to construct a premium model. Fit and finish was one of the best if not the best. With a high parts count you can rest assured that that Tamiya has insured the finest fidelity in detail. 

I painted this kit with Testors Model Masters Acrylic Paint. with a wash of thinned enamel to high light the recessed panel lines.  

Weathering was completed with a fade affect while airbrushing the kit. I like to paint the base color and then add a highlight to panel interior space. I do this with a mixing of base and one part white. 

The worn metal  affect is achieved with the use of a silver prism artist pencil, high light the rivet detail and create a worn look at the edges of panels. 

 On the underside to the aircraft I used a wash of brunt sienna and black enamel wash. I followed this up by airbrushing the exhaust streaks and oil staining. 

So this kit is a wrap and a blast to build, I do have to add it to a base and paint the pilot but that will be a separate build. Hope you enjoyed following along. You can pick this kit up at the Smoke Stack Hobby Shop You will also be able to view the model live in the shop case at the Smoke Stack Hobby Shop so stop on by. 

Cheers Murph…

I can’t believe it isn’t butter “So it must be Paint”

Some things you just can’t shake up in a box. But you can paint when you have an airbrush. I started the initial paint process tonight with just a basic base coat. As you can see in the pictures i started to lay in the highlights, I’ll go back in and refine this as i progress with shadows, making it all tie in better and really pop.

This is the part of the building i really love, and i hope you enjoy it too as i keep going on the Corsair build.
Now where did i put that paint brush, Oops… I clean that up later.

Cheers Murph…

Wire me up ” who needs braces”

Well folks I had a little bit of spare time tonight so I wound up an antenna spring for the Corsair , I wanted this on before I painted if you can follow the winding it is really made from two pieces of wire. drilled a small hole in the tail wired through with a twist, coiled the spring then threaded onto the first wire. First wire loops back through and around the horn then back through for the finish.

Remember your local Hobby Shop   www.smokestackhobby.com

Cheers Murph…

“When Modelers Go Insane”

“Yea I know” But sometimes You just have to go nuts on a model, Sometimes that extra mile “even on a Tamiya” has to be trodden, Sometimes you have to cry Havoc and unleash the dogs of war.
So I made some return springs for the gear. Mind you now the wire I had to strip out of a audio cable it is really the ground insulation from around the wires. About as thick as a hair, “OK well maybe two hairs but who splits hair.”
I wound these around a very small drill bit then stretched them out to fit the length.

Hope you like them.

Cheers Murph…

“My Flaps Are Killing Me”

Going has been a bit slow, Yep Even crazy modelers need a day off. Tonight I assembled the inner wing flaps, and final construction of the outer wing panels has begun. If all goes well I’ll be laying down the paint on this Big Bad Bird.

Stay tuned and Like this on Facebook as always I would love to here your comment right here or leave me a message.

Cheers Murph…

Stack Talk – Vol.1 Issue 3


The end of summer is here and that means our focus will be turning to the “indoor hobbies”.  Trains, plastic models, slot cars, and indoor helicopters.  But until then, we have one last fling at summer.  And what is more an icon of summer than boats?  We have a number of boats that we are taking drastic price cuts on in an effort to get them in the water before summer ends.  We have two really cool Alligator Tours airboats.  One is a large scale nitro version and the other is a smaller scale electric.  Both have a low draft and are perfect for shallow water, ponds, or anywhere that might have some algae or duckweed in it as there are no in-water props to get fouled.

Aquacraft Alligator Tours
Motley Crew
Aquacraft Motley Crew

We also have the Motley Crue.  This is the brushless electric powered, 2.4 Ghz radio controlled ready-to-run Catamaran from AquaCraft.  This boat is aggressively priced well below MSRP and packaged with batteries and a charger and ready to go.

Since I mentioned train season, I’ll also let you know that we have been busy with more enhancements to better show off our products.  We have changed our front window graphics to highlight what we carry as well as some vital information about us – address, phone number, web site, etc.  We are also updating our interior lighting to better show off our products (trains J ).  And we now have a real REA (Railway Express Agency) baggage cart in our front window.  Very cool!  Finally, we are busy building the Smoke Stack Railway. This will be an around the shop elevated railroad.  Track laying has begun and we hope to drive the final spike in a couple of weeks!!

Current Events

  • We have extended our layaway program up to 90 days for the upcoming holiday season. 20% down and 20% every 3 weeks after that gets you your merchandise in time for the holidays!
  • We now have gift cards too. They make perfect gifts and let that special someone know you cared enough to give the very best!!


Son ‘uva Digger
Grave Digger
Grave Digger

In the R/C department we now have two related vehicles – the Grave Digger and Son ‘uva Digger.  These are both ready-to-run and promise to provide hours of fun.

In our flying department we now have the P-38 Lightning micro flyer. Twin engines, twin tails and twin booms made the P-38 Lightning® the most distinctive single-seat fighter of World War II. America’s top scoring ace and many others flew the P-38 Lightning® throughout the war and now you too can fly this ferocious fighter! This Flyzone plane comes fully assembled and finished. Twin counter-rotating three-blade propellers powered by a LiPo battery give the model impressive speed and handling. With its compact size, this P-38 Lightning® is easy to transport and easy to fly indoors or out.


The Modeler’s Guide To The Universe by Damian Murphy

 modelers_guideThis month we are introducing a new feature called “The Modeler’s Guide To The Universe.”  This will be a monthly column by our own master modeler “Murph” and cover a variety of topics related to the modeling community.  This month we start with  Murph’s thoughts on aftermarket details.

I like to relate aftermarket products to the quick item stands at supermarket checkouts – are they something you really need or just there for your convenience?

If you really want to add lots of detail that is historically correct then by all means go for it. In general these products are always well researched and extremely accurate.  But on the flip side a modeler can sometimes have more money invested in the aftermarket products than the actual kit itself.

I can’t say I haven’t used aftermarket to some degree, but I like to subscribe to the theory that if you can’t really see it then try to fabricate it yourself. In cockpits that are generally closed up most of that detail is lost to the grand old dark deep. “But Murph”, you say, “it has to have added detail, right?”  Well heck yeah, but try to use the gizmo plan of detail. Get it close and make it look accurate to a small degree by using small parts from home made parts. Model railroad parts are great for this – you can add detail and still make it look great.

This really works fantastic on pieces like engines and landing gear and don’t forget the cockpit in the deep dark hole where detail is always so hard to see.

So have fun and save some cash for that next big kit.

Cheers, Murph

Join us on October 26 as Master Modeler Murph provides a clinic on airbrushing. Murph will be demonstrating and discussing various airbrushing techniques, paints, and other cool stuff!