Feeling Under The Weathering

“Holy Paint Balls Batman” he just ruined his new model! No Robin he’s just under the weather. So you just finished building that next great model and you want to add a killer paint job. Well Earl Schieb is not the place to take that model, get back to that airbrush. We’er going to talk about under painting or what we like to call “The Pre-shade”.

Painting is like an onion just one layer after another to create the effect of weathered paint. Where do we start? try that Tamiya primer, nothing is worse that painting a model just to have it peel off, so primer is a important step. Let that primer cure don’t be in a rush to lay down the paint 24 hours sounds like a long time but it pays off, so let it dry.

Two examples of pre-shading from a google search.
Two examples of pre-shading from a google search.

Have you been up all night? Have you had the airbrush in hand, waiting for the next step? Dedication that’s what I like to see. Time to get busy, pre-shading is the simulation of shadow and dirt at panel lines. Wherever you want pre_ombrageto show shadow on your kit, you will want to pre-shade. On aircraft i will follow all the panel lines, on armor I will shade all the recesses and corners, grills and hatches.

Now don’t be to picky here you can be a bit messy, not every line on the shade layer has to be precise. The next layer will be your true color layer. Remember when over painting the pre-shade not to paint this layer too heavy, keep it light so you don’t loose the effect that you worked so hard to paint.

This is a nice example of the paint layer over the pre-shade
On the above picture you can see the pre-shade showing through the base paint. With practice your models will really start to shine. I’ll talk more on the next steps of the paint process in future Blogs so keep coming back.
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