Stack Talk – Vol2. Issue 6

We have some good news items to share this issue.  First off, the repaving project on Lincoln Ave. has been just about completed.  All that’s left is the final striping on the pavement.  But the last few days have been glorious as the building no longer shakes like an earthquake when large vehicles roll by and the large potholes and rough pavement directly in front of the shop are gone!

The next item is even more exciting (for us) – our new and improved web site is now live.  We have changed the look and added much more stock than we had before.  And we continue to add items daily.  Much of what we have in store is now available on our site.  Eventually, most of what we stock will be in our online store. For those of you who live some distance from us, this means you can shop online if you choose and have us ship it directly to your door.  In some cases this may prove to be a cheaper option than driving in to see us.  Of course, we always encourage visitors as we enjoy greeting and chatting with our many loyal customers.

We still have some seats available for our Smoke Stack Hobby Shop field trip to Cleveland for the National Train Show.  Click here for more information and lets us know soon if you are interested in joining us.

Don’t forget to join us  Friday, July 18th, for the 1st Annual Smoke Stack Hobby Shop Model Show.  Check out our events section or click here for more details.

Saturday July 19th is Lancaster Festival Fair Day from 9am – 3pm at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, children and parking free, adults $5 each.   We’ll be there introducing kids to model kits, balsa airplanes and trains of course.  We’re looking for ways to be involved in the community and this seems like a great opportunity.  Come bring the kids for what’s sure to be a fun day.

Stack Talk – Vol.2 Issue 5

Warm weather has finally come and stuck around on a consistent basis.  And that can mean only one thing – orange traffic barrels!! But for the Smoke Stack Hobby Shop that’s a good thing.  It means Lincoln Ave. is finally getting a long-overdue re-paving. As some of you know who have visited our shop in the past, there were quite a few potholes located directly in front of the shop and that led to earthquake-like vibrations throughout the building every time a large vehicle passed by. Most of the main routes in the Lancaster area have been resurfaced, but apparently they wanted to save the best for last.  Crews are now working on the stretch of road in front of our shop and have almost completed the first layer. Things are already noticeably quieter inside.  Work is being done overnight so access to the shop has not been compromised. We hope to be nice and smooth in a week or so.

The National Train Show is appearing in Cleveland, Ohio this summer. The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop is organizing a day trip to the show. For details and pricing, click here.

The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop is establishing our 1st annual Model Show to be held Friday, July 18th. Click here for more information.

Don’t forget Father’s Day is coming soon (Sunday, June 15th to be exact). We have a great selection of items that would make wonderful gifts. And Smoke Stack Gift Cards are a great idea too.  Let Dad choose the perfect gift!