The Withering Weathering

The coastal sub with moderate weather before streaking
The coastal sub with moderate weather before streaking

Weathering is a matter of opinion to modelers. There are some that build and paint there kits in factory mint conditions, then their are the guys like myself that believe that weathering is a natural step to creating a realistic look. I like to look at historical pictures of what i model, then try to replicate that look as much as my skills will allow.

Practicing these techniques and learning to master them will lead you down that path of perfection and quality that all modelers aspire to achieve. Before you can weather any model you must apply a clear coat to protect the paint layer and allow the washes to flow evenly. Clear gloss will allow this to happen, but the use of clear flat will create more staining.

How do we create the affect of stains a streaks? Start by building a wash, washes are nothing more than super thin paint, normally oil or enamel. I’ll use one part oil paint of a color i think is appropriate, to five or six parts thinner or mineral spirits. Burnt umber is a great wash color, it really depends on how heavy you want the filter color to stand out. The best part of a wash is if it doesn’t come out like you want it to, you can wipe it off and start over. That is one reason you’ll want to have a good clear coat, as i said before it will protect your base coat.

Streaking Affect 

Adding color with wash.
Adding color with wash.

To start use a small brush and apply the wash to an area that water dirt or rust will naturally run down.

Try to be precise with your color, in the picture above you can see that rust is being applied from top downward, don’t be afraid to mix colors in your staining and streaking. Allow this to dry and come back in with a moistened flat brush to elongate and direct the streaking. Another way to spread out the effect is to wet it back down and use a sponge brush to blend and pull it down.

Streaking dried
Streaking dried

Using the sponge will pull massive amounts of the color off the streak. Since i was weathering a submarine i wanted a subtle effect, if this was armor i would not use a sponge, but instead a flat brush would be used to pull down the color.

Pull down the paint to create streaking

Weathering streaks can achieve just the right look of realism for any model, try to examine photos of the real subject and work slowly in small areas. I think you’ll like the way it makes your model stand out.


Cheers Murph…

“Luke I’m Your Painter” Cover up we’er going in!

Ever Feel like something from a Sci-Fi Movie?

It is always a great feeling when you finally get to the part of build that you love to do, whatever that part may be for you. For me it comes down to painting and weather the model, creating life with my trusty airbrush, yes that is the best part of my hobby. Tonight the coastal submarine has had the masking treatment and was ready and waiting for myself to break out the Iwata Eclipse. Remember to always wear your safety gear and work with good ventilation.

You can see in the picture how much masking and paper I had to use.


For the paint coat I used LifeColor Kriegsmarine U-boat German navy WWII set 2. These are fantastic color match  sets and they contain six colors of paint to match any German submarine of the period.

For the upper hull I chose UA-609 Blaugrau 58-1 conning tower and upper hull, for the lower hull I used UA-607 Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau DKM 23 anti-fouling lower hull.


I added just a bit of panel weathering with the airbrush by adding a small amount of dark German grey.

The next big step is to allow the paint the proper cure time, then i’ll be clear glossing the entire model in preparation for the weathering wash.

Hope you are enjoying following along, as much as i am in building this massive sub kit.





Cheers Murph…



“Das Boot” Broncos German Coastal Submarine



There is always that time when you turn the corner on a build and steady yourself for the next round. That time has come for the German coastal submarine. This 35th scale model has been a sold build from the start, with a fair to low parts count there has been little problems to face, with the exception of the size of the boat. The shear size makes sanding seams an endless chore, but the fitment was excellent.



So what is next?

Once the conning tower is completely dry I’ll be doing a final clean up of the kit, checking glue points and seams before the application of the Tamiya surface primer. After that primer will be a seam check for any small areas that may need additional filling and sanding, then on to the final coat of Vallejo acrylic black primer.


I’ll be posting step by step pictures as i go along through the painting and weathering, so come back and visit to follow along with me as I head down the home stretch.

IMG_20140815_020527770_HDR IMG_20140815_020537057

I’ll wrap this one up soon enough, but for now the fun is just beginning and after all that is what it’s all about.

Cheers Murph…


Stack Talk – Vol2. Issue 8

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