Stack Talk – Vol2. Issue 9

I would like to start this issue by saying “Thanks” to everyone who helped make our Fall Swap Meet a huge success.  After starting the day with some questionable weather, Mother Nature decided to help us out after all and, although we did not always have sunny skies, at least it did not rain.  The turnout was terrific and I think that everyone had a good time.  I personally know of several individuals who stopped in the shop and were all smiles as they either sold their wares, or scored a great find.  And Murph wielded his tongs in magical fashion as he served up hot dogs, chips, and drinks to a hungry crowd.

New Products

Now that the swap meet is over we turn our attention to the coming holidays.  First up will be Halloween.  We have stocked a number of O scale Halloween cars for those of you who have “spooky” layouts, or would like to create one.  Below are some of the offerings we have.

Lionel handcar with Halloween Pumpkinheads
Lionel Grave’s Mortuary Supply Co. Box Car
Lionel Trick or Treat Chase with Linus and Lucy
Lionel Halloween Reefer featuring the Sleepy Hollow Cider Co.
 Other notable new arrivals:
  • Fire vehicles in HO scale
  • Train sets in O, HO, and N scales
  • Dromida Ominus Quadcopter (see review)
  • 1/25 scale semi-trailers
  • Gundam model kits
  • Star Trek model kits
  • R/C battery chargers from Duratrax

Visit our online store to see these great products and many more!

Shop News

We are also busy working on the Big Dog Scenic Railway, the railroad line that circles the inside of the shop.  For those of you who have not been in to see us for a while, we now have an O scale railroad that completely circles the shop.  Murph is busy working on Mt. Westcamp (named in honor of one of our long-time customers that passed away),  while Butch is building custom made bridges to span the many gaps we have.

We are also adding a lot of new inventory for the coming winter season.  In addition to the metal train signs we feature on the train side of the shop, we now have metal auto and oil company signs above the modeling tools section.  Take a look….


Another new product that just arrived is the Ominus quadcopter from Dromida.  Colton and Butch put the quad through its paces.  To read their review, click here.

Dromida’s new Ominus Quadcopter

By Colton Longstreth and Butch Paugh

The new Ominus from Dromida

The new Ominus Quadcopter from Dromida is a welcome entry to the list of affordable quads.  At $79.99 this quad delivers a lot of bang for the buck.  The first thing we noticed right out of the box was its nice size.  At 9.4″ long and 3.6 oz. in weight, it has a nice solid feel.  The size of this quad is comparable to the Alias offering from Traxxas.  It comes in 4 colors – blue, green, yellow, and red.  There are multiple LED lights for easy day or night navigation.

Everything you need to start flying is right in the box.  You get the RTR Ominus Quadcopter, two extra black and two extra colored blades, four AAA batteries for the transmitter, a USB LiPo charger, a 1S 3.7v 300 mAh LiPo battery, and an instruction sheet.

dide01-gallery10The very first flight was a nice surprise.   It was very stable and easy to fly.  Colton is an R/C car guy, and he had it hovering in a stable flight configuration right away.  Butch had it doing flips and zooming around the shop from the very start.

There are four flight modes – Easy, Normal, Advanced, and Expert.  The modes can be activated or deactivated with the push of just one transmittter button. The quad comes with an advanced stabilization with three-axis gyros and three-axis accelerometers. This means that the quad is stabilized in pitch, yaw, and roll, plus it compensates for unwanted motion on any axis.  We found the Ominus to be so stable that it just hovered in place in hands-off tests. To test the durability we purposely (wink wink) crashed it.  Turns it this things is so stable you almost have to try to crash it.  It looks to be very durable and should stand up to even the hardest of flyers.

To help keep track of the battery power level there is a bright on-board LED.  Our indoor test lasted an astonishing 15 minutes before the low battery indicator started to flash.

To pull off pro-style flips, simply push a button on the transmitter.

In summary, we think this is one heckuva quadcopter. It is durable, agile, easy to fly out of the box, and a blast to do acrobatics with. And at only $79.99 it is easily one of the best values in a mid-sized quadcopter on the market.  Colton’s only complaint was the bright status LED, which he thought was distracting.  However, to Butch’s more mature eye, it was easy to see from any distance.  Overall we give it 5 stars.