Stack Talk – Vol.2 Issue 12

Even though as a hobby shop we have been preparing for this season for months, Christmas still has a way of sneaking  up on you and making you say “Oh my!  Christmas will be here in 2 days!!  How did that happen?”

As my Christmas present to all of you, this will not be a “sales” oriented Stack Talk.  Instead, I am going to make this a picture card of some of the events of the past year.

First up is a montage of photos from customer Brian Bingham.  Brian decided to try and faithfully recreate the town of Hill Valley from the movie Back To The Future on his HO scale layout.  We think you’ll agree that the results are stunning!

This year saw the completion of laying track around the perimeter of the shop for the Big Dog Scenic Railway.  Once the track was finished, construction of some of the scenery elements began.  The most visible were the bridges constructed by Butch and the painting of Mt. Westcamp by Murph.

The Big Dog Scenic was updated for Christmas! Presents are being delivered daily!!


Colton and Noah take a break from whatever it is that they do around here to give us their best GQ impression 😉


Murph and Butch doing their best mutant elf impression.


That’s it for this month – short and sweet.  From all of us here at The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.  We know you have choices when shopping for hobby stuff and we sincerely appreciate when you choose us.


Don, Butch, Murph, Colton, Noah, and “51”