Stack Talk – Vol.3 Issue 1

The year 2015 has kicked off and that means College Football Championships (way to go Buckeyes!!), Super Bowls, new diets, new resolutions, and reinvigorated hobbies.  Some of you may have received a special hobby gift for Christmas.  Maybe it was something for an existing hobby, or a new item to get a hobby kicked off.  Either way, we have lots of fun items in house to help you create or expand on your hobby.

We continue to expand our hobby building tool selections, and now have a nice selection of pliers, nippers, rulers, paints, and brushes. We also have nice detail parts for trains, car and armor kits.  Don’t just build stock, trick it out!!

Speaking of modeling, Murph has been busy this winter working on commission projects for various customers.  His latest two pieces are a Norman catapult and a classic frigate.  Check them out.

Model railroading is in full swing and we are as well.  We have a large selection of Walthers Cornerstone kits in HO and N scales as well as Trainman kits that are designed to be easy to build for beginners. These kits look great and really add detail to your layout.  And for those of you looking for more of a challenge, we have some beautiful Bar Mills and JL Innovations laser kits that really look fantastic with all of their fine detail.  We moved out a lot of old HO rolling stock before Christmas and are now in the process of adding in some new selections from Bachmann and Atlas.  Be sure to look them over next time you are in.

On the horizon for both HO and O scale modelers are some new signal systems that we expect in any day.  They are from smartSignals.  The neat thing about these signals is that they have the optical detectors built right into the signal.  Just put them next to or over the tracks and connect power. smartSignals with built-in sensors do the rest!  We hope to have a limited amount of crossing signals, dwarf signals, and bridge signals in stock soon.

We have just taken delivery of some new O scale locomotives from Williams and Lionel.  The Williams units are beautiful F7 A-A units with horn and bell while the Lionel’s are a Chessie Mikado and a B&O Pacific. Each comes with a remote, sound, and smoke.  Check out our web site for images and details.

We have been busy restocking the R/C cars after a hectic Christmas season.  We now have a nice selection of nitro and electric cars in scales from 1/18 to 1/5. Batteries and battery chargers are also available now.  Why not move up to that fast charger you’ve always wanted.

Rock crawling on Mt. Pleasant

Thanks to our own Noah and Colton, our two in-house rock crawling experts (we call them rock heads), we are also beginning to stock more and more cars and parts for the rock crawlers out there. If you are interested in learning more about these nifty vehicles, stop in and chat with Noah or Colton.  Or better yet, join them Sunday mornings at Mt. Pleasant as they and a host of others take over the mountain and “crawl” their way to the top. Click on the photos for a larger image.

Rock crawling on Mt. Pleasant


We have other exciting news regarding the R/C world.  We have reached agreement with the Fairfield Country Fairgrounds to have the use of the dirt racing track for an afternoon.  Sunday, June 14th will mark the inaugural Smoke Stack R/C Day at the Fairgrounds.  We don’t have all of the details planned yet, but the idea is to have anyone interested bring their vehicle to run on a nice wide dirt track. We envision impromptu racing, drag racing, and general playing around.  Of course, Murph will be there with his grill and famous hot dog, chips and drinks lunch.  We will provide many more details as the day of the event closes in.

We have many more exciting events planned for this year, so check out future Stack Talks for all the news.  As the most interesting man in the world says, “Stay warm my friends.”