Stack Talk – Vol.3 Issue 11


Thanksgiving is only a week away, and that means Black Friday is hot on its heels.  We will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday.  This issue is devoted to helping you with your shopping list. As our staff likes to say, if you can’t find something cool in our shop, you haven’t looked hard enough! So why not take a break from battling the masses at those big box stores and stop in to a small, friendly, local shop.  Grab a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate, a cookie, or some popcorn and spend some time in a relaxing environment where we are always glad to see you.

We will have some really nice Black Friday specials going on in the shop. Be sure to grab one of our flyers when you come in so you don’t miss out on the deals in R/C cars and Aircraft, Trains, and Models. Or check our web site at to see our specials posted there.

We have a large assortment of train sets in N, HO, O and G scales. Some are Christmas themed and some are based on real railroad prototypes.  If you plan on a train around your tree, we also have a very nice assortment of Christmas themed buildings, rolling stock, and accessories. We even have a beautiful MTH O scale locomotive and caboose set in Christmas theme. Put them under your tree and pull your holiday cars behind them. Below are some examples. Click each image for a larger view.

1096-LNL933034 ae00-6350 ae00-6312
ae00-6315 ae00-6117 7001-508-16323

R/C cars are in stock and we have one of the largest assortments in Central Ohio.  As  of this writing, we have over 100 vehicles in stock!! And we have some great Black Friday specials to go with them.  Below is a shot of our car wall showing a sampling of what we have to choose from.

Click for larger image

For the modeler on your shopping list, we have a great selection of model kits from cars and planes to armor and sci-fi. We also have all the tools any hobbyist would love to see in their stocking.  Paint brushes, paint, files, hobby knifes, and a host of other tools too numerous to mention.  Below are some of our new kits in stock and a shot of our hobby tools area.

ae00-6364 ae00-6302 ae00-6301

For the R/C flyer, we have a wide array of drones and planes to choose from. Small indoor drones are all the rage this season and easily fit in a stocking (or a nice big box for that “surprise” effect).  We have small drones starting at $30.  Of course, we also have the super sophisticated drones with the latest high-def cameras and software for the serious hobbyist.

For the fixed wing flyers, we have aircraft that are beginner friendly (the Delta Ray) up to the advanced, super fast aircraft (the Rare Bear). We even have some that will fly their own patterns and land themselves!

These are just a few gift ideas for that special someone on your list.  Or maybe you are looking for a gift for yourself?  And when you are stumped, a Smoke Stack Gift card is always a special gift!


Xiro Xplorer. Click for larger image.

Just arrived is the Xiro (pronounced “zero”) Xplorer V with 1080P camera and 3-axis gimbal.  This black beauty has brushless motors, Return to Home, and Intelligent Orientation Control mode, up to 16 way point flights, and safety features that will allow it to try and reconnect in the event of a disconnect from the transmitter, and failing that, will auto land itself to prevent damage.

Click for larger image.

Also just in are these 1:18 scale R/C Wasteland vehicles from Dromida.  They come in a truck or buggy version. Wasteland vehicles are fast, agile and as rugged as off-road. But what makes them different from any other vehicle is the foam dart launcher.

Load ammunition. Acquire a target. Maneuver into range. Push the fire control button on your radio—and watch as your dart streaks 10, 20, even 30 feet toward your target. If you score a hit, nobody gets hurt. If you miss, just reload and try again.

You can be ready to move out fast, because it arrives assembled and mission-ready right out of the box. It’s fully equipped, too, from “AA” batteries for the radio to three fast-flying foam darts.

7001-527-384Get this train running around your tree!! The Holiday Express Set becomes an animated winter wonderland with eight moving figures and 25 working lights. A special sound unit provides constant chugging (easily shut-off with the mute button) and individual controls so you can hear Santa’s Ho, ho, ho, or All Aboard, then blow the whistle and ring the bell as the train pulls out. The set comes with a handsome 4-4-0 loco, with an elf ringing the bell and old St. Nick waving to all the good boys and girls on his route. Aboard the Tree Top Tender, a hard-working elf passes logs to the boiler, while his partner hides in the toolbox. On the Candy Dancer, two elves work the pump while the roof top decorations twirl. At the rear is the Toy Shop Caboose, where toy soldiers march into Santa’s bag under the watchful eyes of two more elves. The cars and loco come fully assembled in holiday colors, and a 51-1/2 x 70-1/2″ oval of New Style Track, controller, track clip and transformer are all included to start the fun.

ae00-6397Another new item is this Venom Pro Duo LiPo/NiMh battery charger. It can 1-6 cell lithium batteries and/or 1-15 cell NiMH or NiCD batteries. It even includes two extra long balance leads for safe charging in a LiPo sack

We also have a number of new model kits in stock.  Some of the new items include the iconic Chariot from Lost in Space, a Krupp 21cm. Morser, a Russian Kraz-260, a Panzerhaubitze 2000, Anakin’s Podracer, a Ukraine Kraz-6446 Tractor, and a Renault FT.

ae00-6365 ae00-6346 30122 ae00-6009 2032 2019 2016 - Copy


lionelSaturday, December 5th is National Lionel Train Day.  Lionel is celebrating 115 years of bringing trains and joy to families around the world. As part of the national celebration, The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop will be celebrating Lionel from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  We will have wristbands and paper hats for the kids.  If you have a unique or really cool Lionel item, please bring it in to show off to everyone. We will photograph it and highlight it on our web site and in our next newsletter.  So mark December 5th on your calendar, polish up that Lionel train or accessory, and bring it in to the shop and share your story with us!


We know parking can sometimes be a challenge in our small lot.  If you pull in and it is full, just circle around the building and park in the lot next to the Rush Creek General Store. We are only a short walk away.

Give us a try.  We know you have lots of choices and we truly appreciate when our customers shop local.  And on Black Friday, keep calm and carry on!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop!!

Stack Talk – Vol.3 Issue 10


October has come and gone and that means the County Fair and Halloween are finished too.  For us in the small retail business, that means the holidays are just around the corner, with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and Christmas hot on its tail.

Starting Sunday, November 15th, we will be open Sundays for the holidays from Noon – 5 p.m.

Speaking of the County Fair, we had a great time there as a first-time vendor.  We were squeezed in between the old school house and the cattleman’s burger tent.  But we made do with the space we had and got to meet a lot of great folks. And some of us even enjoyed a cattleman burger (or two, or three….I’m not going to mention names but we thought we would have to roll Colton home each night).  We look forward to being back again next year.


As you would expect, we are receiving shipments daily in preparation for the Christmas season. And that means we have lots of new items for the 2015 holidays.

First up are some really nice Star Wars 1:72 kits from Bandai. Revell has the plastic Star Wars rights here in the U.S., but we weren’t satisfied with the level of quality they brought to the table. So we reached out to Japan and shipped over a number of kits produced by Bandai. These are the same items (Tie fighter, X-Wing, Y-Wing etc.) that Revell offers, but the level of detail and the fit and finish are superior.  Below are a sample of some of the kits we have in stock (however, we do have limited quantities of these).

s-l1600 (1) s-l1600 s-l500

Even more spectacular, we also have the Bandai 1:48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter with moving wings and LED lights w/sound effects.

s-l1600 (2) s-l500 (1)

Also from Bandai we just got in this fantastic 1/60 scale Gundam Perfect Grade Unicorn kit. There is a matching LED light kit available as well.

ae00-6255 ae00-6256





On the R/C side, we have some really nice new selections from ECX. The AMP Monster Truck and Buggy are here and are completely Ready-to-Run with everything you need in the box. Each selection comes in two color choices. And best of all, you get all this for under $130!!

ECX AMP Buggy. Click for larger image.
ECX AMP Monster Truck. Click for larger image.






We have been busy stocking up on R/C cars and now have over 50 distinct models to choose from, with more arriving daily. It is one of the largest selections you will find in the central Ohio area. To see some other models we stock, click here for electric vehicles, and click here for nitro.

In the train department, we still have a large selection of MTH, Lionel, K-Line, and Atlas O scale cars and locomotives in our estate collection at prices that are well below retail. And most of this collection I would consider virtually new and in excellent condition.

In our new stock, we have a nice assortment of Christmas items, from rolling stock to sets to locomotives.  Just arrived are these bump-and-run trolleys from MTH. Put them on a piece of track with a bumper post at each end, and they will run on their own for hours. A great city addition to any layout.

30-5141 30-5140candy cane





We also just received these beautiful Cal-Stewart Candy Cane Peppermint Lifesavers Tank cars. They are completely sold out by the manufacturer and we will not be able to get any more. So if you want one, act fast!!

train day logoThis year, Lionel is promoting the first annual National Lionel Train Day on December 5th. We will be a participating sponsor. As part of the event, we are asking our customers to bring in a unique or classic Lionel item to share with us on the 5th, or for display in one of our cases.  We will have more details on this program in our next newsletter. Also, Lionel is offering the National Lionel Train Day boxcar on a subscription basis. We will be taking orders for this car on Dec. 5th, with delivery expected after January 1, 2016. Click here for additional information.

train day car
NLTD Box Car


With Christmas coming many of you will be placing your train sets around the tree.  Now is a good time to get them checked out and tuned up before the festivities start.  Why not bring them in and let our expert craftsmen look them over and get them in tip-top shape for you?

And speaking of trains around the tree, we have a really nice selection of train sets and individual pieces of rolling stock all dressed out in Christmas themes. A few are shown below but we have many more in stock just waiting for a good home!









If you like to run trains, there are two holiday events coming up that could use your help. First, the Granville Friends of the Library 7th Annual Model Train Exhibit begins Saturday, December 5th and runs from 1pm – 9pm.  The exhibit features all scales from TY to G They are looking for volunteers that would like help set up the exhibit starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and also run the trains during the event and answer visitors questions. The exhibit will run for 8 days. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tim Schoenenberger via phone at 740-258-9929 or via email at

The next event is hosted by the Fossil Rock Raiders Model Train Barn in Shade, OH.  They have a very large exhibit featuring multiple scales of trains.  They are looking for volunteers to help run the trains and/or greet visitors.  The Barn will be open two weekends in December –  the 5th and 6th and the 19th and 20th. Please contact Ralph Calvert at if you are interest in volunteering. For more information on the Fossil Rock Raiders Model Train Barn, please visit their Facebook page.

And even if you are unable to volunteer any time, I highly recommend a visit to both events.  I have personally been to each of them and they are well worth the trip.  If you can volunteer that would be fantastic.  Both Tim and Ralph would greatly appreciate any help that would be offered.


Once again we are offering our holiday lay-a-way plan with extended terms. Place your item in lay-a-way now with 20% down, and you have until December 15th to make your final payment.

And don’t forget, we also have the always desirable Smoke Stack Hobby Shop gift card available in any amount that you choose. These can also be purchased online in $10, $25, $50, $75, or $100 amounts. Just click here to visit our ordering page.

If you haven’t already done so, visit our Facebook page to see what’s happening in our hobby world.  You can check our Facebook page even if you are not a member of Facebook.  Just click here.