Stack Talk – Vol.4 Issue 7


The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop is moving to a new home!!!

Some of you may have heard the rumors, and we are pleased to announce they are true. The SSHS will be moving to a larger facility sometime this fall. It is located only a block away from our current location, but will be almost three times the size. The building is currently undergoing renovations and once they near completion, we will be able to announce our moving date.

The Hocking Valley Model Railroad Club will be joining us at our new location and they have plans for a large, 2-level layout (approx 35 ft. x 15 ft.) highlighting the south-central Ohio area.

We also expect to have a large O-scale layout in place, a rock crawling pit, an area reserved for classes and real-time building (how to airbrush, how to lay track, building models, etc.), and many more features which we will announce down the road.

This new home for the SSHS will dovetail nicely into our 40th year anniversary in 2017. We at the shop are very excited at all the possibilities ahead and want to thank all our customers for helping make this possible!!


The Hocking Valley Model Railroad Club continues construction of an HO scale layout in the shop. The layout benchwork and mountain have been painted black. Next up is scenery. Check out the photo gallery for all the photos showing the layout in progress.

3rd Annual Smoke Stack Hobby Shop Field Trip

This event is now sold out!

This year’s big event will be on August 20th. We will be visiting Bellevue, Ohio to visit the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Museum.  For all who have booked the trip, we’ll be sending information to you in the next week.


From Bachmann we have the 36505 E-Z Command Dynamis Wireless DCC Controller. This controller features two-way wireless infrared operation, constant digital information updates of handset command to
locomotive, and of locomotive performance back to handset, and joystick control for locomotive selection and speed.

It supports programming on the main, 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, full CV programming and much more.

Atlas C420 Phase 2B – Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway #365

ALCO built a total of 131 Century 420 locomotives between 1963 and 1969, when the builder ceased all new locomotive production.

Powered by a 12-cylinder, turbocharged, 2,000-hp 251-series prime mover, the C420’s direct competitor in 1963 was the EMD GP18. In fact, EMD did not offer a 12-cylinder, 2,000-hp prime mover until the GP39 model was produced in 1969. The shorter 12-cylinder engine block allowed the C420 to have its distinctive set-back cab and extended short hood.

The first road to purchase the C420 was the Lehigh & Hudson River, with its first two units built in 1963. The largest fleet was purchased by the Long Island Railroad, with 30 units built between 1963 and 1968. All were equipped with a high short hood which housed a steam generator for passenger service. Over time, the largest fleet of C420s was amassed by the Louisville & Nashville. While only 26 units were purchased new, their total fleet grew to well over 60 units through mergers and acquisitions. The C420 can still be found in daily service today in the US. Currently the largest fleet of C420s is operated by the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad.

This run of Atlas C420 Locomotives feature Phase 2 versions, featuring both Low & High Nose models. Early phase 2 locomotives feature phase 1-style walkways/sills with stanchions mounted into the top walkway deck (referred to as “Phase 2a” models). Later phase 2 locomotives feature a revised configuration where the stanchions are mounted to the sides of the sill (referred to as “Phase 2b” models). Phase 2a production ran from December 1964 through September 1965. Phase 2b units were produced from December 1965 through the end of C420 locomotive production in August 1968.


  • Flat or “step” pilots used where appropriate
  • Long hood with or without dynamic brake used where appropriate
  • 3,100 or 2,400 gallon fuel tank used when appropriate per road name
  • Separately-applied coupler cut levers
  • Painted safety rails
  • Dual flywheels
  • Directional lighting
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Scale Speed motor

A lot of new model kits have recently arrived. Among them are:

WW2 Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien (Trumpeter)

1:32 Duo Discus (Revell)

Ferrari FXX K (Tamiya)

’69 Chevy Nova “Yenko” (Revell)

’57 Ford Gasser (Revell)

’80 Dodge Ramcharger (Revell)

UH-72A Lakota (Revell)

Timber 1.5m BNF Basic

Make the world your runway with the amazing Timber™ 1.5m BNF® Basic park flyer. It comes equipped with an unbeatable combination of features that let everyone from newer pilots to expert sticks enjoy a versatile, sport-flying experience unlike any other.

Sport Aerobatics, Off-Field Adventure, Float Plane Fun-It Does it All

If you’ve been looking for a great, all-around park flyer that’s up for anything, and can be flown almost anywhere, this is it. Its innovative design combines the spirited performance of a sport plane with the versatility of a bush plane so you really can have it all.

Tundra-Style Landing Gear or EDO-Style Floats-Both are Included!

Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2M BNF Basic

Finally, Great Britain had a fighter that outclassed every weapon its foe could throw at it: the Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV. Even when menacing rockets and jets attempted to scorch the land, heroic pilots strapped into their Griffon-powered Spits to topple them. The new E-flite® Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2m has been developed to deliver great warbird performance and agility in addition to the distinctive elegance only possible with a Spitfire.

The E-flite® Spitfire Mk XIV1.2m is a full-house park flyer that combines an unmistakable warbird with an impressive features list. An authentic trim scheme, big five-blade propeller, functional four-panel flaps and electric retracts are just a few of finely tuned details. Construction with Z-Foam™ material keeps the overall weight low and airframe durability high for enhanced performance in all aspects. Industry-leading DSMX® 2.4GHz control and specially tuned AS3X® technology deliver flight performance similar to that of an expertly set up model many times its size. Built-in SAFE® Select technology is a programming-free option you can activate during the bind process. With SAFE Select turned on you get a super-stable model with the security of envelope protection and self-leveling flight which can practically eliminate first-flight jitters. There is also a program-free option to assign SAFE Select to a transmitter switch so that you can take advantage of the system the instant you need a hand. Whether you’re an intermediate pilot or scale aficionado, the formidable elegance of WWII British air superiority is yours to unleash.

Taxxas 56036-4 E-Revo RTR w/TQi 2.4GHz Waterproof ESC

  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system
  • EVX-2TM 16.8-volt FWD/REV electronic speed control
  • Dual Titan® 550 motors
  • Dual digital waterproof steering servos deliver 125 oz-in of torque & 0.16-sec transit time
  • Innovative chassis design with integrated dual battery compartments
  • Quick release battery doors
  • Battery cooling vents

A-7D/E Corsair II (Hasagawa)

USS Fort Worth LCS-3 (Trumpeter)

Mod Rod (AMT)


One of our customers is currently doing some research into organizing an O scale train club in the Lancaster area. If you would be interested in joining with others to design and build a layout, please let us know. You can send an email to indicating your interest, call us at 740-653-0404, or stop in and chat about the great possibilities.

Stack Talk – Vol.4 Issue 6


The Hocking Valley Model Railroad Club continues construction of an HO scale layout in the shop. So far track is down and painted, the layout is wired, roadways are being added, and a tunnel is taking shape. Check out the photo gallery for all the photos showing the layout in progress.


2nd Annual R/C Day and Swap Meet

We just completed our 2nd Annual R/C Day and Swap Meet and we had a fantastic time. Although the weather was hot, we had no rain. We had over 150 people show up and run their cars or our loaners from Traxxas. Drag racing, road course racing, and the “Jump of Death” were all big hits. Thanks to In The Box Concessions and Weldon’s Ice Cream for keeping us all well fed with delicious food and cool treats. Visit our photo gallery for some really neat shots of the days activities.

3rd Annual Smoke Stack Hobby Shop Field Trip

This year’s big event will be on August 20th. We will be visiting Bellevue, Ohio to visit the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Museum. The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum was opened in 1976 as a lasting bicentennial project featuring our local railroad heritage. It has since become the largest rail museum in Ohio. We will have a private tour of the museum, after which you will be free to roam the grounds on your own.

After the museum tour, we will be heading to lunch at Twin Lakes Golf Course & Restaurant where we will enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet.

From lunch we will move on to Kemper Rail Park to take part in Rail Fest 2016. The Kemper Rail Park is a special viewing area and is situated at the West end of Norfolk Southern’s Bellevue Terminal, the largest classification rail yard on NS, and the 2nd largest in the United States. You’ll see trains headed to, and coming from Chicago, Fort Wayne, St Louis, Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, and nearby Sandusky. You’ll also see the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad come in and out of Bellevue. 100 train movements per day through this area is possible, with a variety of foreign locomotives as well.

Tickets are $70 and will include your round trip transportation, the museum tour, lunch, the Kemper Yard viewing, and snacks and drinks on the bus. Space is limited to the first 55 people who sign up. Signup deadline is July 18th. You can signup/purchase tickets by calling The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop at 740-653-0404 or online by clicking here.

Departure from Lancaster will be at 7:30 a.m. and we anticipate returning at 7:30 p.m. Our departure point and parking are from Lancaster Lowe’s, on Memorial Drive (Rt. 33) at the northwest end of town. If you are located in Columbus, we will be making a pickup stop at the Meijer in Lewis Center at 8870 Columbus Pike (US23) Lewis Center, OH, 43035. Pickup time will be approximately 8:30 a.m.

Oh, and for those of you who were with us last year, we have upgraded the bus! 🙂 We will have an on-board bathroom, reclining seats, overhead luggage area, air conditioning, DVD, and Wi-Fi.

Fourth of July Parade – Lancaster

The rain stopped just long enough for Lancaster to stage the annual 4th of July Parade. We had a great time seeing everyone along the route. We dressed up the truck like an old-time steam engine complete with whistle and bell sounds. We also built a rolling R/C ramp that we towed with a Rock Crawler and used two short course trucks to jump it along the route. It was a big hit!

Festival Fair Day

Join us Saturday, July 23rd from 9-3 at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds for Festival Fair Day. Tickets are $5 each with kids free. Family freindly events will feature:

  • Rick Kelley the Entertainer
  • Supa Fun Band
  • Live on Stage – The Rainforest
  • Magical Train rides
  • Adelphi Band
  • Community Artists and Family Activities.

51 and her volunteer crew will be there with some special items for kids.


Just in from UDI is the Lark This is an all in one mini quadcopter with the ability to see a real time video feed from the onboard camera! Start and stop video recording, or snap a picture, all remotely from the radio controller. Then, you can insert the micro SD card from the camera into the remote control and view or delete items from the card using the FPV screen. Of course all of this comes with a 6 axis stabilized quadcopter capable of aggressive flying and stunts. With multiple flight modes, you can slowly progress your skills until you are flying with the best of them. When it’s time to recharge, an audible alarm sounds letting you know. Charging is accomplished using the included USB LiPo battery charger. If you are looking for a quadcopter that has it all in a small package, look no further!

  • 6-axis gyro system for increased stability
  • Live video transmitted to the 4.3″ LCD screen for a true first person view (FPV) piloting experience
  • Ability to record video and still photos
  • Stunt Mode for 360-degree flips with the touch of a button
  • Low battery alarm function
  • High speed and low speed modes for different pilot skill levels

MTH Premier SD60E w/Proto-Sound 3.0.

  • Lighted LED Cab Interior Light
  • Illuminated LED Number Boards
  • Operating LED Ditch Lights
  • (2) Precision Flywheel-Equipped Motors
  • Operating ProtoSmoke Diesel Exhaust
  • Onboard DCC/DCS Decoder

Kyosho – Blizzard FR EP Readyset

Powered by two independent side-by-side motors, the transmission in the Blizzard FR Readyset delivers awesome power and free control so you can enjoy dominance over any terrain like only a true belted vehicle can deliver. With a suspension system equipped on all wheels, the Blizzard clears every challenge in its path including rocky obstacles, steep hill climbs and gravel or sand that would trap a machine with normal tires. Twin 370 motors and twin KA-17W ESCs deliver forward, reverse, left/right turning and pivot (turns on the spot) As this belted vehicle is fully pre-assembled there are no difficult assembly steps or other work to complete before enjoying its sophisticated mechanics. In addition, control of the blade arm with the transmitter adds another fascinating aspect to the Blizzard. For great fun in the sand or snow, the Blizzard can match your outdoor lifestyle and go wherever you want to go.


We’re planning a big Father’s Day weekend sale, June 16-18. Check our website or stop in and shop our specials.  And visit our website,, for all the latest products, shop news, and event listings.